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SIGNIFICANT EVENTS IN A NEW LIFE The period which most abortionists describe as most desirable for performing an abortion is approximately eight weeks after conception. This is a period of almost unimaginable development. The dates reported here are approximate dates when specific development or functions begin. The dates shown have all been documented and reported in medical journals. Slight variations may occur. All of this data is limited by the sensitivity of the instruments and human limitations involved in observations. Future research may show that these dates are relatively late compared to observations with better or more sensitive methods. We can only conclude that life and its processes are evident, to any observer who is intellectually honest, at fertilization. Chronology ot the Human Mother New Lite 14. NAME CHANGED FROM EMBRYO TO FETUS. At 56 days all organs functioning-stomach, liver, kidney, brain-all systems intact. lines in palms. All future development of new life is simply that of refine-
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