stemcell - -~ L ~ GERARD MAGILL Ph.D is the Executive...

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1 @ 2S~ each 250 ~ 17, eden 500 '@ 15 .: ~d'" ........ ~h' ,.,. .~,.:: ," - j ..... -~ L' ~ •• '.' '" ',u J"J'; '-:l't'," .>,;; ". t· ..... ,:.1 GERARD MAGILL, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of the Center for Health Care Ethics and the Department Chair of the Center's interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. The Center is located in the health sciences campus at Saint Louis University. Easton Publishing Company, Inc. .> ::: ~". ',)6.1· '<!"c·\.)'" :'. \:0 'i)' J~ ~ .~r" Jr.l~ri pr.,wo! dSa,-iJ5·l)6G9· ~~.'( j~J 536,"5. .1; LOCAL INFORMATION AND AS\IST,\NCE ARE ALSO AVAILABLE' ADDITIONAL COPIES 10 jj 2-10[ eact- 50 S' 2.1.: e<Jch 25 ~ B , edCI"l 100 ~ ~O( edc~
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fter months of careful deliberation. on August 9. 2001 President George W. Bush announced his administration's policy on stem cell research. While promoting some types of stem cell research he curtailed the form of research that involves destroying human embryos. The president made the announcement in his first television address to the nation to emphasize the significance of the decision. If we are to appreciate the importance of that announcement we need to understand what stem cell research involves and why it is important. \';H.-\T IS STEM CELL RES E,-\ RCH/ Stem cells are the basic building blocks for the cellular development of our bodies. There are three main distinctions that need to be made. A fertilized egg is considered to be "totipotent" because its cells have the total potential of developing into a human fetus. When these dividing cells form the blastocyst. its inner mass cells are "pluripotent" insofar as they can develop into almost any other cell type. When pluripotent cells further divide into particular cell functions (skin cells. blood cells. etc) they are "multipotent" because they can develop into most forms of that specific cell type (e.g. blood stem cells in the bone marrow). I.', '--f'! i ~ STEM CELL ""'-'-H ~ [: '\ =- .'. ~. '--- I . . \ • ""'. -'~' ~ -4 " T ..... "'\'!""I. The importance of this new technology is that human stem cells are capable of differentiating into the body's 210 cell types (heart, nerve, bloed. etc) '. Because of recent scientific breakthroughs,
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stemcell - -~ L ~ GERARD MAGILL Ph.D is the Executive...

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