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THAN~<S FOF:: SUF"F'OF::T I NG F"R I S()N FELLCIWSH I F" ! Chuck Colson and Mark Earley Stopping the Slide into Barbarislll When our youth are influenced by the "fair- ness" argument for gay "marriage;' help them understand that matrimonial law isn't based on "feelings" or "fairness;' but on the moral and natural law judgment that marriage is inherent- ly.heterosexual, monogamous, and permanent. It is a two-in-one-flesh communion of persons involving acts that are reproductive, whether or not they result in children; only a mated pair can unite as a single organism for human procreation. No matter who is president, Christians are not released from our responsibilitY to tea£.h worldview. As agents of God's common grace, We are writing this column one month before were raised by single parents in a culture that ~e are called to help sustain and renew His the presidential election. By the time you read denies the moral significance of ;;. ~d creation, to uphold the created institutions of it, we will know who our next president will be. who teaches philoso h at a secular univer 'ty family and society. Depending on your preference, you may be cel-
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