straight_from_a_guy - -Rory Partin A couple of years ago I...

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-Rory Partin A couple of years ago I spent some time in Africa. It was an incredible trip one that gave Africa a very special place in my heart. This culturally rich world captured my imagination and brought my spirit alive, mainly the daring, crazy part of my spirit. I did all kinds of wacky stuff. I ate caterpillars and warthog. I went bungee jumping off of a suspension bridge hundreds of feet over a gorge. I felt new! One day while driving down a narrow dirt road through the bush, I came upon a pride of six young lions. They just lay there right in the middle of the road totally blocking my way. Being the brave, daring, crazy person I had become since being in Africa, I quickly made everyone roll up their windows, lock all the doors and be silent. Yep, that was my brave manhood kickin’ in! Ha. Ha. Ha. Eventually, the pride decided to get up and walk off, right down the middle of the road. I followed them closely, in my car, until the "kings of the jungle," turned and disappeared into the dense bush surrounding the narrow dirt road. I was left with a sense of awe at the power and beauty of such animals. They could have easily broken the windows and made a quick snack of us all. What an awesome experience! Sausage Man This is crazy . . . but hey, that’s the kind of guy I am . . . so use your imagination here, okay? What if I had gotten out of the van to get a good picture of the lions? What if I’d tried to pet one? What if I had hung fresh raw steaks around my neck? What if I’d approached the young lions wearing warthog sausages dripping with? Yeah, I know what you’re saying: "Uh, Rory . . . it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say that you would’ve ended up on their breakfast menu!" But why? All I wanted to do was get their attention so I could pet ‘em and love on them a little. Again, I can almost hear you Brio Girls saying, "Duh, Rory! That’s just how lions are made! It’s their nature. You approach them wearing sausage juice and they’re
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straight_from_a_guy - -Rory Partin A couple of years ago I...

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