Suffer_the_little_children - -by Charles Colson In August,...

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-by Charles Colson In August, Daniel R. Ferris, a volunteer Sunday School teacher in Millbury, Massachusetts, confessed to sexually abusing six children in his United Church of Christ congregation. The children liked Mr. Ferris. Their parents respected him. And the church trusted him enough to allow him to teach its youngsters about God. One month before Ferris's arrest, Waterbury, Connecticut police arrested another trusted individual-their mayor, Philip Giordano, 38, a respected lawyer and former Marine. Giordano was charged with two counts of "sexual activity" involving a child. Every day, it seems, there are reports like this. Is this an epidemic? And what is sexual abuse? It is any sexual touch by force, trickery, or bribery between two people where there is an imbalance of age, size, power, or knowledge. Most victims are between the ages of eight and thirteen years old, boys as well as girls. Child sexual abuse is a problem within secular society and within the Christian community as well. We are shocked, disgusted, and embarrassed by adults who abuse children sexually. Yet
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Suffer_the_little_children - -by Charles Colson In August,...

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