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T '" ** ** E ** ** F A ** ** c -r ** ** S Pornography is an $8 billion annual business. There are an estimated 20,000 adult bookstores in the U.S.-that's more than the number of MacDonald's fast food outlets. Over 900 X-rated movie theaters operate in the U.S. . Almost every major city has a "dial-a-porn" phone number that is accessible to young children. . Cable television pumps pornographIc movies into homes which can be viewed by children. State police in Michigan found that pornography is used or imitated in 41 % of the sex crimes they investigate. Sex crimes have been committed by children as young as eight years old. Victims of pornography have been as young as eight months old. T ".,. E S T v I) I E S ** Researchers at the University of Wisconsin and UCLA have found exposure to pornography, particularly sex linked to violence, motivated some 35% of male viewers to violent acts against women. ** Ad1iii
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