Trying_to_tell_the_good_guys_from_the_bad_guys - Trying to...

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Unformatted text preview: Trying to tell the good guys from the bad guys Donald E. Wildmon President, AFA AFA Journal, February 2002 edition Jesus told a story one day. He was always doing that, you know. Telling stories which illustrated a truth. We call them parables. And that was how He taught. Those who listened to His parables may not have agreed with their moral point, but rarely did they not understand the deeper truth He was sharing. A certain man, He said, was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho. As he was traveling this road, he was beaten and robbed. In fact, the robbers left him to die. But, Jesus said, a priest passed by and saw the poor man as he lay dying. Hooray for the good guy, we say. The priest has arrived on the scene. The priest will come to the poor mans rescue. Thank God for the priest, for he will offer help when help is needed. But, lo and behold, as the priest gazed upon the beaten and dying man, he made a decision not to get involved. So, instead of trying to right a wrong, the priest simply turned and walked away. to get involved....
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Trying_to_tell_the_good_guys_from_the_bad_guys - Trying to...

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