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What's Good About Sex? J. BUDZISZEWSKI Sex clubs, Internet porn, AIDS . . . with so much bad news, it ʼ s easy to forget what God intended sex to be. Is sex bad? A case could be made for that view. Midnight . John is trying to explain his way out of calling his wife by another woman's name during their embraces. One o’clock . Shelly, 16, is in her bedroom, secretly cutting herself with a razor because of what her boyfriend made her do. Two o’clock . His wife asleep, Steven is busy downloading shameful images from Internet bulletin boards. Three o’clock . Marjorie, who used to spend each Friday night in bed with a different man, has been bingeing and purging for four hours. Four o’clock . Pablo stares through the darkness at his ceiling, wondering how he is going to convince his girlfriend to have an abortion. Five o’clock . After partying all night, Michael takes another man home, not mentioning that he tests positive for HIV. Six o’clock . Lisa is in the bathroom, crying. Not quite what my generation expected when it invented the sexual revolution. Although still not quite willing to give up that enslaving liberation, feminist writers like Naomi Wolf and Katie Roiphe exhibit signs of fatigue and confusion. A few secular people toy with the idea of abstinence — an abstinence not so much of purity as of boredom, fear, and disgust. In Hollywood, of all places, it has even become fashionable to talk up Buddhism, a weary doctrine that finds the cure of suffering in the cessation of desire, and the cure of desire in the cessation of existence. What’s more, some Christian writers give the impression they hold the same dismal view. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to warn about, they have forgotten how to do anything but scold. Maybe the sexual revolution was an even grimmer joke than we thought. Maybe there is nothing good about sex. Maybe sex is just plain bad.
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A gift of God What’s wrong with this picture? Although there is plenty of bad in the contemporary sexual scene, it’s clear that we’re forgetting something. The only way to get something bad is to take something
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Whats_Good_About_Sex - What's Good About Sex J BUDZISZEWSKI...

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