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A \It:/> site (~l Fo,'u.\ on/he Family .tiuSband.s and. WIves - Why Do Women Need Romance More Than Men? Page 1 of2 -~~~--Jt:i-~~-~J~ ~~- ~~ 1,m-~ . , '~ .... :. .. _ . . -.o- . . v.-. ~;t.,~~~J~ {.£t~, Search the Site: Why Do Women Need Romance More Than I <I:> Men? • Engagement • Newlyweds • Communication • Finances By James C. Dobson, Ph.D. Q: I have often wondered why women 11£1 Send this page to a friend! seem to need romantic involvement so much more than men. Why do you think emotional coolness is a greater problem for wives than for their husbands? HOME Women Guestbook Parenting Online Donations Ministry Couples A: An unknown portion of this romantic need in women is probably related to genetic influences implemented by the hypothalamus region in the brain. Beyond this, the characteristic features probably result from differences in early experiences of girls and boys. The entire orientation for little girls in our society is toward romantic excitement. It begins during trie preschool years with childhood fantasies, such as Cinderella dazzling the crowd (and particularly the Prince) with her irresistible charm, or Sleeping Beauty, being tenderly kissed back to consciousness by the
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Why_Do_Women_Need_Romance_More_Than_Men - .tiuSband.s and...

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