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T he German exchange student living with friends of ours was aghast that American students con- sider sexual abstinence legitimate. Coming from a post-Christian countty, our Judea-Christian approach to life both confused and attracted this 16-year-old. "Why are you Americans so hung up about sex?" he asked his host family. "I've discussed sex with my parents, and they presume I'll soon be sexually active. It's not a big deaL" He seemed so sure of himself. ] was familiar with this type of thinking, particularly from European youth. I'd led a team to Sweden, the Netherlands and France to study Europe's views, atti- 18 FOCUS ON THE FAMILY tudes and prevention mes- sages regarding teen sex. The universality of the hea11 is amazing! When our team talked to groups of young people about sex, love and relationships, we heard their underlying desire for something different. One of the many young women we met in Sweden was out with her boyfriend. She told US he didn't treat her well or respect her, but because they were sleep- ing together, she couldn't break up with him. She felt depressed and unloved. Her
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