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Unformatted text preview: Events for 11/10/2004 World View & Society Date: 11/10/2004 Each day Christians are confronted with a bewildering array of choices in ethics, actions, and lifestyles. The only way to make sense of this data is to phage a consistent worldview. And Christians should be operating from a biblical worldview. As we will see, that is not the case. The Barna Research Group conducted a national survey of adults and concluded th 4 ercent of adults have a biblical worldview as the basis of their decision-makin . The surve also ' 9 ercent of born a ain Christians have such a ers ectivc on life. 1W, but relatively few people (even religious people) have a biblical worldview. This explains a great deal about behavior. The reason so few people WW3. Behavior results from gur Wfs. living biblically in society. Conversely, not thinking biblically should result in not living biblically within society. Nancy Pearcey in her latest book Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity tells the story of Sarah, a practicing Christian who worked for years as a counselor for Flamed Parenthood. She did not try to talk them out of an abortion but merely was content to make sure they knew What they were doing. She said that after she graduated from college, “My Christianity was reduced to a thin veneer over the core of a secular worldview. It was almost like having a split personality.” Unfortunately there are millions of Sarahs in the world who willingly live with a split personality. The split is between the sacred and the secular, or the split is between fact and value. In their ersonal lives the try to live as Christians, but in their ublic world they think and act just like the non-Christians around the . The do not have a ' tian worldview event ough the are Chris ' 5. Now you might wonder where the pastors are in all of this. After all, shouldn’t pastors and church leadership be calling people to think and behave according to Christian principles? It turns out that part of the problem is the lack of sound biblical teaching about a biblical worldview. new found in a nWs that only half of the countr ’s Protestant pastors have a biblical worldview. The gap among churches in reflected in the outcomes from the nation’s two largest denominations. Southern Baptists had a highest percentage of pastors with a biblical worldview (71 percent) while the Methodists were lowest (27 percent). Obviously we need to do a better job Within the church thinking about the array of issues that confront us from a biblical perspective. Unfortunately, there is growing evidence that we have not been doing this effectively. For Moody Broadcasting, I’m Kerby Anderson[ P R 0 BE’ Mr M g1” [El ES) ...
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World_View__Society - Events for World View& Society...

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