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Una Carta a Dios trans - Una Carta a Dios A Letter to God...

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Una Carta a Dios A Letter to God (Por Gregorio López y Fuentes) The house was the only in the valley. It was one of those truncated hills like rudimentary pyramids left when the tribes went away. From there, you could see the country, the fields, the rivers, and the corn already on the verge of coming out. Between the plants of the corn, the beans were flowering, promising a good harvest. The only thing the earth needed was rain, at least a heavy shower, which would form pools between the furrows. To doubt that it was going to rain was the same as doubting to believe in the experience of those who by tradition planted the seed on a certain day of the year. During the morning, Lencho had done nothing more than look at the northeast sky. --Now the rain will come, old woman, --he said. The old woman who prepared the food responded --God willing-- The older boys pulled weeds from the field while the little smallest ran near the house until the woman shouted to them --Come and eat-- During the meal, heavy drops of rain began to fall. From the northeast he saw big mountains of clouds. The air smelled like a new earthen jug. Make the pretence, boys, exclaimed the man, while he got wet, with the pretext to recover some things--they are not drops of water that are falling, they are new money; the large drops of coins; tens and small drops, fives. And he watched, satisfied; the corn at a point of coming out and between the rows were
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Una Carta a Dios trans - Una Carta a Dios A Letter to God...

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