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Suggestions on how students can do well on tests and in courses: 1. Go to class! Be awake and alert, ready and wanting to learn as an active learner. Have a positive attitude and be ready to be challenged to think critically. Sit close to the front so you can maintain eye contact and eliminate distractions. Don’t sit next to a “friend” who is going to distract your attention. Don’t attempt a course that is above your skills placement as in math and English. 2. Actively read your textbook assignments. Keep up with your assigned readings (including outside, supplementary or extra credit work) so you’re ahead— or at least on schedule—in preparation for class lectures and discussions. In texts, make notes in the margins and underline key words and phrases. “Use up” your textbook-don’t try to preserve it for resale. 3. Ask good discussion questions in class as preparation for potential test questions. Ask questions to clarify any information you don’t understand. When available, use instructor study guides and textbook (publisher) study guides to help you understand instruction. Ask intelligent questions to clarify any test questions not clear to you. 4. Interact with the instructor. Get to know him/her. Ask about the types of test questions you’ll be expected to know. Clarify any vague concepts, ideas, or details. Ask the instructor about purposes and goals in learning course material as related to your major or anticipated career. 5. Take notes from class lectures and textbook reading. . Outline your notes. Discipline yourself to take notes and review them often. For class discussion or possible test items, ask questions from your notes. Keep a dictionary accessible at all times. Supplement lectures with text readings. Put notes in your own words and recite them
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How-to-Study-1 - Suggestions on how students can do well on...

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