PLS 230 - Horan - Intro to Comparative Politics Spring 2012

PLS 230 - Horan - Intro to Comparative Politics Spring 2012...

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Introduction to Comparative Politics Political Science 230-001 Spring Semester 2012 Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Horan Office: Leutze Hall 261 Phone: 962-7929 Office Hours: TR 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and by appointment. Class Location and Time: Leutze Hall 111; TR 12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. This course is designed to introduce the student to the contemporary study of comparative politics. This will be accomplished by providing the student with a global perspective that will lend itself to increasing the student's political literacy in comparative as well as domestic politics. This course examines the logic and importance of comparison in the context of a world in which increased technological sophistication has brought fundamental change and increased interdependence. The course will focus on how structures and choices impact political outcomes and how we as political scientists can study structure and choice to develop comprehensive understanding of these outcomes. This course has three goals: Develop students’ understanding of comparative politics Deepen students' knowledge of political systems around the world through an in- depth examination of the political systems of countries around the world. Expand students' comprehension of the challenges of governance. The course will investigate a variety of important topics, including processes of political socialization, the impact of domestic geopolitical divisions, the structure and evolution of democracies, and the challenges of economic development. Course Requirements : Barrington, Lowell. 2011. Comparative Politics: Structures and Choices . Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9780618493197 American Political Science Association Style guide U.S. State Department Background Notes Assignments: 1) Read all assigned materials and attend class. 2) Complete 12, 10 point chapter quizzes (120 points). 3) Complete 4, 40 point Exams (160 points). 4) Complete 2, 25 point Comparative Exercises (50 points). 5) Complete 1, 120 point Comprehensive Final Exam (120 points). *Failure to complete any of the five items listed above will result in an F for the course. Course Schedule: This is a general outline of material. This outline can and will change depending on class discussion, current events, and student or instructor interest in topics that arise during the semester. It is the responsibility of the student to attend class so that you know where we are on the syllabus. Students who do not attend regularly and lose track of what is going on should not expect assistance from the instructor. All exams are based on a combination of lecture notes and material from the text.
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Part I: Themes and Approaches Week 1 1/12 Introduction Barrington Week 2 1/17 The Comparative Study of Politics Barrington Chapter 1 1/19 The Comparative Study of Politics Chapter 1 Quiz
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PLS 230 - Horan - Intro to Comparative Politics Spring 2012...

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