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PLS 310 Syllabus - Syllabus PLS 310 Fall 2011 University of...

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Syllabus PLS 310 Fall 2011 University of North Carolina at Wilmington Department of Public and International Affairs Fall 2011 PLS 310: LEGAL PHILOSOPHY AND JURISPRUDENCE Instructor: Maria Warren, Esq. The best method to contact me is by email at my UNCW email account. If you need me to talk to you, I will gladly call you if you email me your phone number. Please do NOT use my departmental mailbox unless specifically instructed to do so. I do not live in Wilmington, so I rarely check it. I normally check my UNCW email accounts multiple times a day, seven days a week, unless I am sick or out-of-town. I. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Knowledge Outcomes: By the end of the course students are expected to: • Know the major schools of thought of legal philosophy. • Be able to describe the works of important modern legal philosophy scholars. • Understand how legal philosophy fits into our modern legal and political systems. Skills and Abilities Outcomes: By the end of the course students are expected to: • Think analytically about complex issues in the nature of law. • Write clearly and effectively about issues in jurisprudence. • Discuss legal philosophy opinions in a scholarly fashion. Values and Attitudes: By the end of the course students are expected to: • Begin to understand the nature of law. • Form opinions about their philosophical place in the spectrum of legal philosophy. • Understand the importance and complexity of the law and lawmaking. II. REQUIRED TEXTS: Coleman, Jules and Scott Shapiro, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence & Philosophy of La w. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. Riddall, J.G. Jurisprudence . 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999. You may be assigned additional readings for any class. These will generally be available to you by an internet link integrated into your weekly lecture. Be prepared to discuss the chapter and supplemental readings in the assigned week. If you have questions about the assigned text, you also should prepare them for class discussion links. You may also email me, but I may answer the question in the form of a discussion thread. I will never do this with a personal question about your performance in the class or if you have a pre-law question, unless I ask your permission first. I strongly believe in confidentiality. Please buy BOTH of the books. You will rely on them heavily for exams. Every semester it is obvious when I am grading midterms and finals that some students are trying to get by without them. It is not possible to do well in the class without the texts. III. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: PLEASE NOTE: The grading scale will include the plus/minus system. Both of the exams and the paper must be substantially completed, handed in, and accepted or it will be impossible to obtain a passing grade in the class.
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PLS 310 Syllabus - Syllabus PLS 310 Fall 2011 University of...

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