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Chapter 4-SandP Outline

Chapter 4-SandP Outline - 3.3 Hearing Loss 3.3.1 Conduction...

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Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception Module 4.1: Vision 1. Sensation and Perception 1.1. Stimuli- are energies in the environment that affect what we do. (Anything that you can sense or perceive) 1.2. Receptors- the specialized cells in our bodies that convert stimuli into signals for the nervous system. 2. Vision 2.1. Vision Receptors-specialized neurons. 2.1.1. Cones- utilized for daytime vision with lots of light. 2.1.2. Rods- used during dim light situations. 2.2. Dark Adaptation-The process of adapting to darker lighting. 2.3. Color Blindness- most common colorblindness is not being able to tell the difference between red and green. Module 4.1: The Nonvisual Senses 3. Hearing 3.1. Sound 3.1.1. Sound waves- Vibrations in the air or another medium. 3.1.2. hertz (Hz)- Measurement of frequency 3.1.3. Pitch- determined by frequency. 3.1.4. Loudness- determined by amplitude. 3.2. Ear 3.2.1. Cochlea- the location of the hearing receptors
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Unformatted text preview: 3.3. Hearing Loss 3.3.1. Conduction deafness- happens when the bones in the ear don’t transmit sounds waves to the cochlea 3.3.2. Nerve Deafness- results from damage to the structures that receive and transmit the impulses (the cochlea) 4. Cutaneous Senses-Skin senses 4.1. Pain- Pain receptors are nerve endings that travel to the spinal cord.- Pain is mediated by sensation and emotion. 4.2. Ways of decreasing pain 4.2.1. Placebo Effect 4.2.2. Endorphins-chemicals released by the nervous system. 5. Chemical Senses 5.1. Taste- Detects chemicals on the tongue 5.1.1. Taste buds- Located on the folds on the surface of the tongue 5.1.2. Taste Receptors- Located in the taste buds. 5.2. Smell 5.2.1. Olfaction-another term of the sense of smell 5.2.2. Pheromones- Chemicals that animals release into the environment to communicate....
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Chapter 4-SandP Outline - 3.3 Hearing Loss 3.3.1 Conduction...

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