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Unformatted text preview: S117 Homework assignment #1 Due Date 9/12/11 Problems from your text NOT to be turned in Chapter 2: #38,#45,#49 Chapter 12: #21, #23, #25, #27, #31, #36 Problems from your text TO BE TURNED IN a) Be neat and clear in your work or points WILL be deducted b) Turn in looseleaf NOT pages torn from a spiral notebook Chapter 2: #46, #50, #56, #58 Chapter 12: #22, #24, #30,#38 Extra problem (to be turned in) 1. Stars are an excellent example of blackbody radiators. We observe two stars on earth, one is blue and the other is red. The red star is three times brighter than the blue star. On the same plot, draw the blackbody spectrum for the light emitted by each star. Label your axes and be as detailed as possible. Make sure that you label which curve corresponds to which star. ...
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