G307S2011L3AcademiaGSandMS6pp - 1 Chemical Career Planning...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Chemical Career Planning: Academia, Graduate School, & Medical School Why Consider a Career in Academia? You enjoy teaching . You can be a mentor: you can make a real difference in the world through instruction. Your enjoy conducting research . You have freedom to define an area of research, set up a research lab and lead the lab in exciting new directions. You work on problems that are important and interesting to you. Tenure provides you with status , security in your job and academic freedom. Opportunity for exciting collaborations with colleagues. You enjoy presenting the results of research at conferences and in scientific journals (you are not bound by corporate restrictions). You enjoy gaining new knowledge and carrying out research that contributes to your field or serves community needs. You like the university environment , enjoy the lifestyle/casual atmosphere. You may value flexible hours to help balance an outstanding academic career with family responsibilities. Attributes for Success in Academia Self-motivated and focused Creative and inventive Often “Type-A” personality Independent, head-strong and dedicated Competitive, yet collaborative Good managerial skills How do you get there? Undergraduate research and/or co-op Obtain a B.S. in chemistry Possibly obtain a Master’s OR go straight to: Attend graduate school for Ph.D. – Master’s degree ok for high school level or community college level teaching Obtain a post-doctoral positions for 1-3 years (large school w/ research) OR Obtain a temporary teaching position (visiting professor, lecturer, or liberal arts college) How to apply to graduate school Find programs of interest (below lists all the graduate programs) : http://hackberry.chem.trinity.edu/ChemDeptGradPrograms.html Application deadline ca. January 1-15 General GRE (sometimes chemistry GRE) in fall Application fee 3 recommendation letters Go on visits (paid for by the schools!) Visits involve them wooing you! Deadline standard for decision is ca. April 15 Optional summer research for early arrival 2 How do I choose among all graduate programs? Do I prefer a small or large school? In what part of the country do you want to live? What discipline are you most interested in pursuing? Find those schools with top people. Pick up a journal in that field for 6 months and find articles that sound interesting. You are going to work with a specific person, not the entire faculty or school. Make sure you know of three good choices for advisors at your schools of choice....
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G307S2011L3AcademiaGSandMS6pp - 1 Chemical Career Planning...

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