G307S2011L4AlternativeCareers4pp - 1 Alternative Career...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Alternative Career Choices: What else could you do with your degree? http://cheminfo.informatics.indiana.edu/ci cc/cis/index.php/Careers_in_Chemistry What is special about a chemistry degree? Employers prefer to hire chemists over most other science majors Chemists are known to be: adaptable, able to learn new information, adept with technical equipment, good at writing results, and have a broad knowledge base Careers outside the lab Chemical Informatics & science writing Computer-related software Conservation Consulting & law Finance & business Human resources Government relations & science policy Agricultural Chemistry Focuses on chemical compositions and changes in the production, protection and use of crops and livestock Study the causes and effects of biochemical reactions related to plant and animal growth Regulates safe use of chemicals Develop herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, fertilizers, animal feed supplements 2 Agricultural Chemistry Increase yields, improve quality and reduce costs Business-related aspects are prevalent! DuPont, USDA, biotechnology companies: genetic engineering, Calgene ( Bacillius thuringiensis protein in cotton), Monsanto ($ over activity), Strongly team-based and interdisciplinary Work with genetics, agronomists, biologists, toxicologists and biochemists Field ties together genetics, physiology, microbiology, entomology and chemical techniques of assaying and development Chemical Education Next to parents, educators have a great effect on young people’s life; they are role models and mentors. Educators in HS, middle schools and at college help shape the way students think. (4% of the nation’s workforce) Consider the different demands of between MS, HS and college level. “You have the ability to share your knowledge and then you have to have the desire to share that knowledge with somebody else.” Chemical Education Skills Needed : Desire to help students grow, develop and seek their potential Enthusiasm for the subject Firm grasp of the material, ability to make abstract principles concrete Caring, willing to go the extra mile, PATIENT!...
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  • Spring '11
  • DanielMindiola
  • Chemistry, Science, good communication skills, good interpersonal skills, Pharmacist Pharmacologist Physician Dentist Veterinarian Researcher Educator Criminologist Dietician Laboratory Analyst Laboratory Assistant Geneticist Chemical Engineer Chemical Analyst Chemical Operator Chemical Technologist Medical Technician Hematolog

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G307S2011L4AlternativeCareers4pp - 1 Alternative Career...

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