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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry G307: Chemical Career Planning Spring 2011 G307 Course Syllabus Who? Where? Contact How? Lecture Times? Office Hours? Suggested Material: Professor Cathrine Reck C021F Chemistry Building 8128553972 / [email protected] R, 2:30 3:20 SW 103 R, 3:30 4:30 PM in C021F, or by appointment Choices & Challenges: Job Search Strategies for Liberal Arts Students Indiana University Press, Nancy Hoefflin, ed., 1998; available in the bookstore under a Q400 class. th Further Resources you can purchase from online: The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options. (9 edition). Diane Sukiennik, William Bendat & Lisa Raufman. Pearson Prentice Hall. 2009. Do What You Are. (3rd edition). Paul D. Tieger and Barbara BarronTieger. Little, Brown and Company, 2001. http://personalitytype.com/ Find Your Perfect Job: The Inside Guide for Young Professionals (1st edition). Scott Smith. Career Strategies Media, 2010. Major in Success. (5th edition). Patrick Combs. Ten Speed Press, 2007. Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success. (4th Edition). Nicholas Lore. Fireside. 1998. Roadtrip Nation: A Guide to Discovering Your Path in Life. Nathan Gebhard, Mike Marriner, and JoAnne Gordon. Ballantine, 2006. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. Discuss the career paths possible to chemistry majors among government, industry, and academia, including graduate school and other postprofessional programs. 2. Explore the vital link between university learning and the world of work through selfassessment of interests and personality and the identification of transferable skills and values. 3. Formulate a planned approach to academic and career management while making informed choices and setting realistic goals. 4. Develop a career action plan for the remainder of the university experience which may include: conducting career research; evaluating college minor options; participating in internships and careerrelated work experiences; participating in clubs and associations; and networking with professionals. 5. Develop a personal Career Portfolio Collection including a descriptive summary, scientific resume, cover letters, work samples, and other examples of accomplishments. 6. Develop and practice effective interviewing skills. 7. Learn methods to conduct an effective job search in today's workplace while understanding ethical considerations. Page 1 of 6 Chemistry G307: Chemical Career Planning Spring 2011 Although this is a onecredit class, you will only get out of it what you put into it. Assignments will be designed to help you develop your individual needs, and these may be different for every person. Assignments Firstly, I expect everyone to participate in class; hence, you will be assessed a grade for this to help insure that you will participate. You will be assigned eight homework assignments, a Career Portfolio Collection, one research paper, and one mock interview designed to enable you to get ready for your future career. The last assignment will involve being asked to answer questions in a mock interview at the end of the semester. None of these assignments are supposed to be stressful but helpful. Your grade earned will be determined from the following point system: Attendance & Class Contribution (2 points per day) 30 points Research Paper 30 points Written Assignments (8 x 30 points each) 240 points Mock Interview 30 points 330 points total WRITING ASSIGNMENTS These must be turned in on time, in class or before class as denoted below, or they will not be accepted. Assignment 1: Evaluating Your Interests & Skills What do you like to do? Think about experiences you have enjoyed. What kind of school, religious, social, or sports activities do you like? Make a list of 10 activities you have enjoyed doing in the past four years. Evaluate those interests, and think about what you liked about the activities, trying to find common themes. What challenges did the activities offer? What skills do you need to develop further to continue in those activities? Evaluate your school, volunteer, work, or leisure experiences. Make a list of your school activities (clubs, organizations to which you belonged). Make a list of any volunteer work you have done (either through social, civic or religious organizations). After you have assessed your interests and skills, determine the relationship between skills and interests and possible careers. Then write a list of job criteria that your proposed career must have in order to be satisfying to you. List 45 careers that you think would want to pursue (even if you have had only one career in mind forever!). Be honest about what other kinds of jobs, even those in outside of chemistry (the sciences), that are appealing to you. Write a short paragraph description including what you like about these careers/jobs. This assignment may be as short as a page, but as much as three pages depending on how much effort you feel like putting in to it. This is about helping you. Assignment 2: SelfAssessment Assignment Using the handouts provided in class, make a list of your 3 top interests, 3 top values, 3 top skills; for each interest, value and skill write a paragraph analyzing whether it supports your career choice. Additionally, identify two experiences/events that you have to describe how you overcame them using your skills. Use the "SOAR" model to describe your situations: S = describe the situation you were in O = describe the obstacle you faced A = describe the action that you took to resolve the situation using your skills R = describe the results based on the action you took Page 2 of 6 Chemistry G307: Chemical Career Planning Spring 2011 Assignment 3: Assessing Your Personality Using the tests provided in class (or online), and work to provide answers for these. You will be asked to perform a short assignment based on your personality type. Use the list of adjectives provided in class to describe yourself in addition to the personality test you are asked to take online. Assignment 4: Assessing Sample Resumes You will be given two 2page resumes in an electronic format that you will have to then edit down to 1page. You must make some judgment calls on what to remove and write a 1page description of why you took out the things you did. You must proofread the resume well and make any necessary changes to its content to make it into a better resume. Assignment 5: Writing Your Resume Start your resume by listing all the job and academic skills that you have experienced, in and out of the sciences. List all the different aspects of everything you did/do in your jobs, volunteer opportunities, philanthropic events in which you participate. If your list is huge, you may want to narrow the list of experiences that you think might interest an employer. Use a resume template that you like and write your own resume, including everything that you think is relevant. Do not worry about its length; just include everything you think is pertinent regarding your skills. Submit this assignment to me electronically, and bring two hard copies of this to class. Assignment 6: Writing Cover Letters (or Personal Statement) Based on what your chosen career objective is, write a cover letter or personal statement that fits this career goal. Use the templates we have discussed in class to write the appropriate letter including your Introductory paragraph, Selling/Marketing Paragraph, and Action Closing Paragraph. Again, you will need to judiciously decide what goes into your letter since you cannot reiterate your entire resume. Assignment 7: Interviewing Preparation You will be given a list of questions to prepare by answering on your own. Your answering this list of questions will help you prepare for the in class mock interviews and for future "real" interview questions. Assignment 8: Submitting your final portfolio Submit final drafts of your resume, cover letter, and references listing. Use your skills to edit your resume specifically to one page and make some solid judgment calls on what should and should not be included. This assignment should be a good indication of you ability to apply for a job. Final Project: Mock Interviews In class, we will practice answering questions in front of the class to evaluate how it feels in an uncomfortable situation. I would rather you have a difficult time now, in front of your peers, instead of in front of a a potential employer. In a private setting, you will be asked to perform a mock interview for ca. 1520 minutes as your final assignment. Every past student asked has expressed that this helps overcome anxiety for the real experience later on in life. Page 3 of 6 Chemistry G307: Chemical Career Planning Spring 2011 The objective of your final project is to integrate and summarize all that you have learned about yourself and how it relates to your next career steps within the university environment and beyond. In the mock interview you will be expected to know yourself well and to articulate how well you might match with a position of interest to you utilizing your Interview Portfolio. The mock interview will be conducted by a career counselor or peer advisor for 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of feedback from the counselor/advisor. To prepare for the mock interview, you will need to identify a situation (internship, scholarship application, research, grad school application, or industrial position) that you would like to secure. The following resources may be used to identify positions: www.indiana.edu/~career/, www.gradschools.com, www.jobsonline.com, www.monster.com, www.careerbuilder.com, https://www.aamc.org, and www.usajobs.gov. Research paper Choose one of the options below. You must write a full paper, not just an outline. Whatever websites and sources you use MUST be properly cited. (Cutting and pasting directly from websites is unacceptable. All University Guidelines regarding academic misconduct will be enforced.) Indicate which option you have chosen in the title of your paper. 1. Identifying Career Fields Identify and research three possible career fields that are of interest to you using the web and class resources. Write a 2page minimum, typed paper including the following for each of the three career fields: a. typical types of positions associated with that field b. daytoday duties of these positions c. average salaries for each position, market trends, and longterm outlook for job advancement. d. Select a location outside of Bloomington where you would like to work. Use a salary calculator to determine the cost of living difference between your city of choice and Bloomington. For example, if you make $34,000 in Bloomington, you would have to make $80,500 in San Francisco. e. Indicate your order of preference for the three careers and explain your ranking. Include a reflection and reaction to your research. Are any fields a good fit to your career goals? 2. Identifying Employers Identify and research three different, open positions in a certain career field using the web and class resources. At least one of these positions must be outside of Bloomington. In a 2page minimum typed paper, include for each position: a. Position title, company name, geographic location, info about the company, and daytoday duties of the position b. Average salary for each position or similar positions c. Market trends and longterm outlook for this position d. Use a salary calculator to determine the cost of living difference between your city of choice and Bloomington. For example, if you make $34,000 in Bloomington, you would have to make $80,500 in San Francisco. e. Indicate your order of preference for the three positions and explain your ranking. Include a reflection and reaction to your research. Are any positions of these a good fit to your career goals? Page 4 of 6 Chemistry G307: Chemical Career Planning Spring 2011 3. Identifying Graduate Programs, Law Schools or Medical Schools Identify and research three different graduate schools or medical schools in your field using the web and class resources. In a 2page minimum typed paper, include for each position: a. General information about the program b. Either specific faculty names or specific research areas (do not list courses) c. Use a salary calculator to determine the cost of living difference between Bloomington and the graduate/medical school location. d. What admissions tests (GRE/MCAT/LSAT) do you need to apply? What are the deadlines for these tests and for the application? e. From the list, identify your first choice and explain why this program has particular appeal to you. What do you hope to get specifically from this program? Page 5 of 6 Chemistry G307: Chemical Career Planning Spring 2011 Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Date January 13 January 20 January 27 February 3 February 10 February 17 February 24 March 3 March 10 March 17 March 24 March 31 April 7 April 14 April 21 April 28 In Class Chemical Careers & Introduction Reviewing Sample Resumes Writing your Resume Careers in Chemistry and ?? Assessing Your Strengths & Values Writing Cover Letters Reviewing Class Resumes How to do a Job Search SPRING BREAK Interviewing Skills Interviewing Skills Mock Interviews Mock Interviews Mock Interviews Wrapup Assignment Due Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Assignment 4 Assignment 5 Assignment 6 Assignment 7 Assignment 8 Research paper Page 6 of 6 ...
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