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1 S2011/G307: PREPARING YOUR R ESUME A resume is an advertisement of who you are in terms of your competencies, accomplishments, and future capabilities. Employers want to know your capabilities in order to predict future performance in their organization. Consider your resume a preview. Employers spend, on average, 20-30 seconds (or less) reviewing your resume the first time they see it. If it doesn’t catch their attention in that short amount of time, they may never give it a closer look. A well-designed resume should be a clear and concise summary of your experiences, skills, achievements, and qualifications. Your resume will serve the following purposes: y Self-inventory : You will be better prepared to discuss your abilities and career goals once you’ve analyzed your present and past experiences. y Extended calling card : When sent with a cover letter, a resume introduces you as a candidate and encourages an invitation to interview. y Interview agenda : An employer will use your resume as a guide during an interview. y Reminder : Your resume will be useful to an employer as you are considered for a position after an interview. An effective resume, above all else, accurately reflects who you are. Let your own creativity and the image you wish to present be your ultimate guide. Remember, to get the most from your job or internship search, you have to market yourself effectively. A targeted and well-written resume is the foundation of a directed and successful job search. The information in the following sections is designed to assist you in developing a resume that will gain attention from employers while at the same time accurately communicate your skills and abilities. Once you complete a rough draft of your resume, please stop by . Good luck! T HE R ESUME W ORKSHEET - E VALUATING Y OUR E XPERIENCES The best place to start in preparing your resume is to take an inventory of your past experiences. elf- exercises can help you determine how you want to market yourself, including what areas to emphasize and resume. Make an appointment with if you want to use any of the self- exercises . Make sure you consider all of your past experiences, including your level of involvement, leadership responsibilities, the tasks or duties performed, your accomplishments, and specific skills and abilities used (e.g. analytical, research, creative). A resume worksheet has been included on page 9 of this to use as a brainstorming tool. dvisors are available y appointment to assist you in creating a typed draft of your resume. We strongly advise that all students also meet with a professional staff member to review their resume and discuss related career issues. R ESUME M USTS Keep your resume short. One to two pages is acceptable. Most undergraduate students should keep to one page, however; if you have a substantial work history, do sell yourself short. If you use a two-page resume, make sure that the most relevant information is on the first page and be sure to include your name and the page number on remaining pages. First impressions are critical.
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Howtoprepareyourresume - S2011/G307: PREPARING YOUR RESUME...

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