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Cindy Higginbottom BUS 135 Part 1 - Website for Fashionland Fashionland offers the latest in complete outfitting, specializing in couture jeans, handbags, shoes and accessories for moderate prices. Fashionland wants to emerge as the go to website for their unique items that are difficult to find. Their product concentration has a relatively low shipping profile and the products could be direct shipped from the suppliers. The target market is to teens and tweens that want the high fashion look for a small price. Fashionland will utilize ecommerce through the implementation of a basic shopping website as a tool to promote growth from a regional company to a national brand. A great example of this is Dick’s Sporting Goods. They used their first comer advantage to the web to build additional store throughout the country. Fashionland’s has the future goal to have a website modeled after Overstock.com. This website will require dynamic content, shopping carts, cookies, SSL security and active content that allow users to manipulate products on the screen visually. Prior to reaching that goal, Fashionland will hire a reputable designer that will position them for future growth, while still maintaining a budget that correlations a proper return on investment. Linking these objectives to the business strategy is a key in developing the current website. This will ensure that the business can expand its ecommerce function without having to redesign the website. Fashionland will by-pass the static brochure and move into a transaction-processing site. Some of the key elements of the website in the initial phase of ecommerce implementation include:
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Customer Database, Product Catalog, Shopping Cart, Static information pages. In the future Fashionland will investigate the idea of outsourcing their order fulfillment
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bus135finalproject - Cindy Higginbottom BUS 135 Part 1...

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