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Law and Ethics Panel: Keeping the Legal System Accountable Often times, it is suggested that lawyers are naturally selfish and will do anything to win a case, often times disregarding public interest and true justice in the process. However, this panel was one to definitely dispel this myth. Professor Laurie L. Levenson of Loyola Law School gave examples of a few common situations in terms of ethics that lawyers run into and how legally they may or may not act in a situation. If a lawyer knows that a witness is lying, would he still call the witness to the stand? Most likely, yes, and claim that he or she does not know for a fact that the witness is lying, it is only mere speculation. Additionally, what truly makes a lawyer ethical are his personal values, credibility to his clients, and his effective yet still ethical trial strategy. The true, great lawyers do not need to take unethical approaches in order to effectively represent their clients, she urged.
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Unformatted text preview: Television writer for legal sitcoms, Johnathan Shapiro, urged that “showbiz” was not a place to find truthful people, rather, the legal profession did carry a great amount of them. Additionally, Mr. Shapiro discussed the connection of legal ethics with society in general, and how often there is a correlation with legal behavior and social norms of the era. In more recent times, lawyers have taken more and more steps towards “twisting the law”. I believe ethics should be of utmost importance in the legal profession. Often times, the legal system is deciding the fate of a citizen’s freedom. If we cannot rely upon the accountability of legal actors, how can we as a society properly apply justice to our citizens? It is a definite need of our legal system to be truthful and ethical when dealing with the freedoms of the citizenry. Lawyers are the key players in representing citizens, therefore, they must be the ethical example in the courtroom....
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