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Calvin Cycle and Pentose phosphate pathway From the student companion: Self test 1-18 Problems: 2, 8, 9, 12 General Questions 1) Rubisco contains an essential active site magnesium. Draw the relevant substrate contacts, as well as any special groups from the enzyme that make direct contact. Describe the chemical role of magnesium in promoting catalysis. 2) Draw the reaction and a notional mechanism for the transformation catalyzed by rubisco. 3) Draw the unwanted competing side reaction (and a mechanism) catalyzed by rubisco. What is the ultimate fate of the molecules produced in this unwanted process? Why is this process referred to as photorespiration? 4) What are the three stages of the Calvin cycle? Draw the molecules that start and end the first stage of the cycle. Draw the molecules that start and end the second stage of the cycle. 5) What are the three enzymes of the Calvin cycle that are responsible for forming carbon-carbon bonds? 6)
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