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Lipid Metabolism Student Companion Ch 26: Self-test 1-19, 21-23, 25-28 General questions: 1) Outline two pathways for the biosynthesis of diacyglycerol 2) How is phosphatidic acid activated for conversion in phosphatidyl inositol? 3) What is the role of phosphoinositol trisphosphate? 4) What is the most common phospholipid in biological membranes? Outline the biosynthesis of this molecule from phosphatidic acid. 5) What is the process called by which phosphatidyl serine is synthesized? 6) What are the precursors for ketosphingosine? Draw the mechanism for this synthesis. Make sure to show how the relevant cofactor works. Outline the subsequent steps in the synthesis of ceramide. 7) What class of lipids provides additional diversity for membrane surfaces? What acidic carbohydrates are found in these molecules? 8) What are the three stages of cholesterol synthesis? 9) Outline the synthesis of the first five carbon intermediate in cholesterol biosynthesis. 10) Reduction of serum cholesterol is achieved by what class of compounds?
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Unformatted text preview: What enzyme do these molecules inhibit? Show the transformation this enzyme catalyzes. 11) Show the steps involved in converting five carbon units into a C-10 unit and a C-15 unit used for steroid biosynthesis. 12) What is the name of the 30 carbon unit in steroid biosynthesis? Show the reaction used to activated the 30 carbon unit for subsequent cyclization. Draw the structure and name the product of cyclization of the 30 carbon unit. 13) Draw the structures and name each of the major molecules involved in the synthesis of estrone and testosterone. 14. What is the mechanism for aromatization of estrone? 15) What are the structures of the most active male and female sex hormones? 16) What are the two major strategies currently employed to combat receptor positive breast cancer? Name two molecules that exemplify this strategy. 17) What is the role of LDL in cholesterol metabolism? 18) List five means used to regulate cholesterol synthesis....
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