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NucleotideMetabolismworksheet - play in the formation of...

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Nucleotide Metabolism 1.) What are the two general pathways by which nucleotides are obtained? 2. Contrast de novo synthesis of purines and pyrimidines. 3. Draw full structures for ATP, dGDP, UMP, TMP, and dCMP. What is the biosynthetic intermediate that is common to all of these molecules? 4. Draw the structure of the nucleotide precursor to pyrimidines. Draw the common nucleotide precursor for purines. 5) What three molecules donate the heavy atoms for biosynthesis of the pyrimidine ring? Provide an intermediate pathway for how these three molecules form orotate. 6) What carbon fragment is lost in the conversion of orotidylate to uridylate? What is remarkable about this reaction? 7) CTP is formed from which precursor? What is the nitrogen donor? What is the energy requirement for this reaction? Why is this energy input necessary? 8. What three distinct roles do the cysteine sidechains in the active site of ribonuclease reductase
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Unformatted text preview: play in the formation of deoxynucleotides? 9. What role does THF plan in the synthesis of thymidine monophosphate? How do the reactions associated with this transformation play a role in two separate cancer therapeutics? 10) The carbon skeleton of purines are assembled on what molecules? Draw the sequence of steps that lead to synthesis of the purine ring system. 11) What are the carbon donors for assemblage of the inosine ring? 12.) Describe the regulation of pyrimidines, purine formation, and dexoygenation of ribonucleotides. 13) What are the nucleoside precursors for the formation of uric acid? Show the sequence involved. What is the consequence of uric acid buildup? 14) What is the consequence of a deficiency in adenosine deaminase?...
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