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Lecture Assignment #1: Hiring Based on Genetic Data As the article states, there are some obvious ethical dilemmas involved with hiring based on genetic data, intertwined with ages-old arguments regarding privacy and individual versus organizational rights. This dilemma could potentially alter the world’s workforce to a great extent, thereby affecting the entire economy in turn. How the world’s political leaders approach this issue will definitely have an effect on the way organizations function in regards to human resources. Where it is legal, I do believe it is ethical for employers to engage in genetic testing. An employee in many ways can be seen as an investment for a company, and this is another way that an employee can be screened as a sound investment. I believe genetic testing, in the future, will be as common as background checks are for high- profile employers. Additionally, this does not necessarily mean that if an employee is predisposed towards a disease, that they will be diagnosed with it. This also puts the “ball” in the managers’ “court” because it seems to me that often times they will be faced whether they should hire an otherwise appropriately qualified employee- except that they may be predisposed. Passing on such an employee could give competitors the chance to hire the employee and also decrease overall productivity as the search to fill the position
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lecturehw1 - Lecture Assignment #1: Hiring Based on Genetic...

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