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C485 Final Exam Fall ‘09 Name___________________ Legible please! Do not use acronyms. Use structures whenever they are asked for, or appropriate. Your explanations should be brief . Overly lengthy answers with irrelevant or erroneous material will receive deductions. GOOD LUCK 1. (8Pts) Assign each function or product in the right column to the appropriate structure or pathway in the left column (answers will contain multiple numbers). (a) chlorophyll ___________ (1) oxygen generation (b) light-harvesting complex __________ (2) ATP synthesis (c) photosystem I _____________ (3) light collection (d) photosystem II __________ (4) NADPH synthesis (5) separation of charge (6) light absorption (7) transmembrane proton gradient 2. (8pts) Draw the mechanism for how the mobile electron carrier between PSII and Cytochrome bf undergoes reduction (use chemical structures). 3. (4pts) The production of O 2 in photosynthesis is accompanied by the synthesis of energy rich molecules. What molecules are these, and how many are formed per molecule of oxygen generated? (acronyms okay)
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4. (20 pts total) Answer these questions about the Calvin cycle: a) (6pts) What are the three stages of the Calvin cycle? b) (4pts) What is the energy requirement for the incorporation of one molecule of cabon dioxide into carbohydrate via the Calvin cycle? (don’t forget any reductants) c) (4pts)What are the products of the apparently wasteful oxygenase reaction catalyzed by Rubisco? d) (6pts) Draw the mechanism for the formation of 3-phosphoglycerate from ribulose 1,5- bisphosphate catalyzed by rubisco.
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C485FinalExam - C485 Final Exam Fall `09 Name_ Legible...

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