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As part of the honors component of S343, you are required to complete a Research Proposal that will involve literature research to design a multistep procedure. This is a tough, but rewarding, exercise for beginning students. I understand this and want to see you succeed, so please talk to me early and often in the process to receive as much help as possible. The proposal worksheet is due July 5, and the final report will be due on August 1 in class. Goal: To propose a novel procedure for a three- or four-step synthesis of an interesting target that would be feasible for a S341 student to perform Background: Organic chemists can do many things, but one of the most common tasks is to develop new methods or procedures to synthesize a compound of interest. In this assignment, you will undertake the intellectual and literature work necessary to propose a novel synthetic pathway for a molecule of your choosing. Part 1: Proposal worksheet due July 5 Your goal is to propose a synthetic pathway of three steps that leads to production of an interesting compound. For example, you might choose a compound found in sunscreen or an antibiotic. After you have chosen a target, you will use your knowledge of organic chemistry to propose a few possible ways to achieve this synthesis from an available starting material. Finally, you will search the literature to develop experimental procedures for the multistep synthesis that could be done by an undergraduate student. Here is an example: A. Pick a target: The compound below is interesting because it has antibiotic properties. B.
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ResearchProposalGuidelines_000 - Research Proposal...

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