Quiz3 - temperature is increased True or false The areas...

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Quiz 3 S343 Summer 2008 Name___________________________________________________________ 1. (2 pts) Two products can form from the halogenation of 1-bromoethane. If the reaction happens randomly to give a statistical mix of products, what percent of each should form? 2. (4 points) Product B has a longer retention time on a GC column than product A. Fred Chemist gets a GC spectrum where a peak at 2.3 minutes has an area of 100 and a peak at 4.22 minutes has an area of 900. What is the experimental product distribution? 3. (3pts) What is the selectivity factor (preference factor) for abstracting a primary hydrogen (giving product B)? Please show all work. 4. (3pts) Mark each of these statements by circling true or false. True or false: The retention time of a compound on GC will increase if the
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Unformatted text preview: temperature is increased. True or false: The areas under the peaks of a GC spectrum can only be used to determine relative product distributions if the response factors for each compound are different. True or false: A GC generally gives better separation than fractional distillation because GC columns usually have more theoretical plates than a fractionation column. 5. (3 pts) The major mechanism of each of these reactions is E1, E2, S N 1, or S N 2. Fill in the blanks with the major mechanism: Reaction A: ______ Reaction B: _______ Reaction C: ______ 5. (2pts) Give one advantage and one disadvantage of fractional distillation compared to simple distillation: 6. (3 pts) Refer to the drawing:...
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Quiz3 - temperature is increased True or false The areas...

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