Quiz1_000 - 4(3 pts You have 100 mL of a solution of...

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Quiz 1 S343 Summer 2009 Name___________________________________ 1. (8 pts) The following molecule, propanoic acid, will tend to be both water soluble and soluble in organic solvent. Explain why it is water soluble, giving a detailed physical description, not just rules or trends. You have made a target compound that has propanoic acid as an impurity. In this case, would an aqueous HCl or aqueous NaOH extraction be more effective than just using water in the extraction? Which would you use, or would both acid and base extractions be able to separate the target from propanoic acid? Explain. 2. (2 pts) List an important characteristics of a recrystallization solvent. 3. (2pts) Would you choose toluene, acetone, or water as a recrystallization solvent for this compound? Explain how you came to this conclusion.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. (3 pts) You have 100 mL of a solution of benzoic acid in water; the amount of benzoic acid in the solution is estimated to be about 0.30 g. The distribution coefficient of benzoic acid in diethyl ether and water is approximately 10. Calculate the amount of acid that would be left in the water solution after a 20-mL extractions with ether. Show all work. 5. (5pts) After recrystallizing benzoic acid (authentic m.p. = 122 o C), you characterize your sample. Your sample has a melting point of 111 o C-116 o C, and according to a TLC developed in 2-propanol, it has only one spot with an R f = 1.0. According to these data, is your compound pure or impure? Explain what information you got from each test and if any of the data conflicts or is not useful....
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Quiz1_000 - 4(3 pts You have 100 mL of a solution of...

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