Quiz1 - If the impurities are soluble a hot filtration may...

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Quiz 1 S343 Summer 2008 Name___________________________________________________________ 1. (3 pts) Label each of these compounds as being “more water soluble” or “more organic soluble.” 2. (6 pts) Fred Chemist has a mixture of compound A and B dissolved in ether and wants to isolate compound B. He wrote the procedure below. Point out any errors, why they are wrong, and how you would fix them. The ether solution was put into a separatory funnel and aqueous hydroxide solution was added. The separatory funnel was shaken and vented, and the two phases were allowed to separate. The bottom layer was drained out of the separatory funnel into a beaker. The solvent was evaporated and Compound B was recovered.
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3. (4 pts) The following statements apply to recrystallization. Mark them as true (T) or false (F). ____ The compound should be highly soluble in the recrystallization solvent at high temperature and insoluble at low temperature.
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Unformatted text preview: ____ If the impurities are soluble, a hot filtration may be needed. ____ If too much recrystallization solvent is used, the compound will recrystallize in impure form. ____ It is important that recrystallization occurs slowly so that impurities are excluded from the growing crystal. 4. (3 pts) Would the following techniques be effective for purification, characterization, or both? (Circle all correct answers.) A. Melting point: purification characterization both B. Recrystallization: purification characterization both C. Extraction: purification characterization both 5. (4 pts) Fran Chemist knows that the melting point of succinimide is 123-125 o C and benzoic acid is 122-123 o C because she has authentic samples of both. She also has an unknown with a melting point of 123 o C. How could she determine if the unknown is succinimide, benzoic acid, or neither?...
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Quiz1 - If the impurities are soluble a hot filtration may...

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