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Problem Set 2 (IR Spectroscopy) S343 This problem set will help you prepare for Quiz 2. To help you study, you should look at old quizzes and answer these problems from “Organic Chemistry, 2 nd Ed.” By Janice Gorzynski Smith: Chapter 13. Problems 9a, 10-12, 14, 27-32 Or you can use problems from “Organic Chemistry, 5 th ed” by Brwon, Foote, Iverson, Anslyn: Chapter 12. Problems 2-11 Additional Problems: 1. Why are some IR signals very intense and some IR signals don’t show up at all?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Why is IR a good technique for determining which functional groups are present in a molecule? 3. What IR frequencies would be expected for the C=C bonds indicated? Why do they absorb light of different frequencies? 4. Give a physical explanation of why the carbonyls of amides absorb at lower wavenumber than other carbonyls. 5. How would you use IR to distinguish between a compound containing an aldehyde and a compound containing a ketone?...
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