5.SubstitutionReaction - Substitution Reaction Prelab...

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Substitution Reaction Prelab Reading (from Mohrig, “Techniques in Organic Chemistry”) Technique 13 (Boiling Points and Distillation) Procedure: Add 25 mL of concentrated hydrochloric acid to a separatory funnel, then slowly add 10 mL of 2-methyl-2-butanol. Use a glass stir rod to thoroughly mix the two solutions. Carefully swirl the separatory funnel without the stopper for one minute, then cap the funnel. Invert the funnel and immediately vent. Gently swirl the capped separatory funnel and vent often for about 5 minutes. Allow the solution in the sep funnel to separate into two distinct layers. Drain the lower aqueous layer into a large flask marked “aqueous waste.” Wash the upper organic layer with 20 mL of brine, then separate the lower aqueous layer, combining it with the aqueous waste. Wash the organic layer with 20 mL of saturated sodium bicarbonate. (CAUTION: CO 2 will evolve. Do not cap and shake the sep funnel until you have gently swirled the open sep funnel for a few minutes. Shake and
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5.SubstitutionReaction - Substitution Reaction Prelab...

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