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Separation and Purification of Unknown Mixture Prelab reading from Mohrig, “Techniques in Organic Chemistry” Technique 10.4 (Vacuum filtration) Technique 11 (Skip 11.5)—Extraction Technique 12 (Drying organic liquids) Technique 15 (Recrystallization) Procedure Place your unknown mixture (about 0.6 grams) in an Erlenmeyer flask and add 30 mL of diethyl ether, swirling until the solid is dissolved. Sue a funnel to transfer the ether solution into a separatory funnel. Add 20 mL of a 1.5 M sodium hydroxide solution to the sep funnel. Shake the funnel, vent, and allow the phases to separate. Drain the lower aqueous layer into a beaker labeled, “basic extraction.” Wash the organic layer in the funnel with 5 mL of water, allow the phases to separate, and drain the aqueous layer into the beaker marked “basic extraction.” Pour the upper ether layer into an Erlenmeyer flask marked “organic extraction.” Add sodium sulfate to dry the solution, allow to stand. Get 5 mL of 6M sulfuric acid.
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2.SeparationandPurificationofUnknownMixture - Separation...

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