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ChemBIODraw Assignment ChemBIODraw (commonly called ChemDraw by chemists) is a program designed for drawing molecules and reactions. The software is easy to use, but the more time you spend exploring available options and practices using the program, the easier it will be to properly complete your future lab reports. In the assignment, you will be asked to complete several tutorials, perform a series of tasks, and answer some questions about the program. You will need to turn in a word processing document with all the requirements completed by your lab on June 24 or 25 to receive full credit. To complete this assignment, you must use a copy of ChemDraw. If you wish to install it on your own computer, IU has purchased a site license for this software, so it is free for any IU student to download and use. Use the link below to download the program. A second option is to use one of the computers in room 046 of the Chemistry building. These computers already have ChemDraw installed.
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1.ChemDrawAssignment - ChemBIODraw Assignment ChemBIODraw...

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