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Lec25_cane toad

Lec25_cane toad - Are cane toad populations expanding...

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VIDEO: Cane Toads: An Unnatural History Why Is This Important? The reason behind the introduction of cane toads to Australia was well-intended but the results were   unimagined.  This is a good example of the fallibility of scientists and what can happen when an exotic   species invades an ecosystem.  Also, this is one of the most hilarious “educational videos” ever   produced.  Enjoy! Please consider and answer the following questions as you watch Cane Toads: An Unnatural History. When were cane toads introduced to Australia? Why were cane toads introduced to Australia? Where are the cane toads native species?  In other words, from where were the introduced cane toads   obtained? Describe the reproductive life-cycle of cane toads:  What is it about the life-cycle that facilitated the success of cane toads? 
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How successful was the introduction of Cane Toads? Did the Cane Toads do “the job” that they were brought to Australia for?   Why or why not? 
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Unformatted text preview: Are cane toad populations expanding exponentially or logistically in Australia? • Are there natural predators of cane toad tadpoles in Australia? • Are the adult cane toads habitat-specific? (In other words, do you find them in one specific habitat or all over the place?) • Are there natural predators of adult cane toads in Australia? Why are cane toad poisons adaptive? Some Australians love cane toads whereas others despise cane toads. What are some of the ways that humans appreciate or use cane toads? Not answered directly in video – thought questions! How might conservation biologists control cane toad populations? • Reduce the number of cane toads? • Introduce a natural predator? • pro’s of introducing a natural predator: • con’s of introducing a natural predator:...
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Lec25_cane toad - Are cane toad populations expanding...

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