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Meiosis_genetics_practice - Label one of the homolgous...

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Diagram out MEISOS : The starting cell below is starting with TWO homologous pair of chromosomes and is happens: DNA duplication The splitting of sister chromatids The splitting of the homologous pair. Show crossing over in your drawing for the “A/a” gene ONLY. At some point in your diagram label one pair of sister chromatids
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Unformatted text preview: . Label one of the homolgous pairs AFTER DNA duplication. REMEMBER the “A” and “a” are representing alleles for the same gene and “G” and “g” are representing alleles for another gene. You need to follow those alleles through the process of meiosis. The line pointing to the “A” (and other letters) are representing the loci where on the chromosome the gene is located. a g G A...
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