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common names Phylum Tissues Symmetry/ Germ layers Body Cavity Digest./Circ systems Evolutionary steps sponges Porifera absent N/A N/A Absent - intracellular digestion multicellularity jellyfish Cnidaria present radial / diploblastic N/A gastro-vascular cavity for digestion & transport tissue extracellular digestion in gastrovascular cavity flatworms Platyhelmin- thes present bilateral / triploblastic aceolomate incomplete dig. tube (gastro- vascular cavity) no circ. system bilateral symmetry develop. of organs moderate cephalization snails, clams Mullusca present bilateral / triploblastic Coelomate (reduced) complete dig. tube / open
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Unformatted text preview: circulatory system calcium carb. shell hydrostatic skeleton specialization of organ systems (circ.) / gills leeches earthworms Annelida present bilateral / triploblastic coelomate complete dig. tube / closed circulation segmentation (specialization of regions/ locomotion) spiders, insects crustaceans Arthropoda present bilateral / triploblastic coelomate (reduced) complete dig. tube / open circ. system jointed appendages hard cuticle - exoskeleton sea urchins, sand dollar Echinoder-mata present bilateral (larvae) radial (adults)/ triploblastic coelomate complete dig. tube / no circ. system deuterostome development endoskeleton...
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