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Take-Home Assignment for Lecture #23 – ANSWER KEY Phosphorus Cycle: (figure 59.16) The main reserve of phosphorus exists in: mineral form in rock and sediment (1pt) How is phosphorus cycled back into the soil? weathering of rock & minerals leeches material into the soil – runoff from the soil into the water. (1pt) How do plants acquire their phosphorus? taken up from the soil (½ pt) How do herbivores and carnivores obtain their phosphorus? eating plants or animals who have eaten plants (½ pt) Explain the relationship between primary production and total phosphorus concentration. As the concentration of phosphorus increase there is an increase in the primary production (the growth of the photosynthetic organisms). (1pt) Is an increase in primary production always beneficial. Explain. No. An increase in primary production (e.g., algae bloom) in an aquatic system can lead to a depletion of oxygen in the water due to the decomposition of the dead algae by bacteria. The reduction in oxygen can result in ‘fish kills’ due to the depletion of the dissolved oxygen in the water. (1pt) Carbon Cycle: (figure 59.18) The main reserve of carbon exists in: atmosphere – in the form of CO 2 (1pt) rocks & fossil fuels was given full credit too (I was looking for accessible carbon, but I didn’t not clarify this, so both answers were given credit. How is carbon cycled between the atmosphere and organisms?
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Lec22_Take_home_ans - Take-Home Assignment for Lecture#23...

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