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practice_cladogram-in-class (1) - make a crossbar for every...

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79 Finding the most parsimonious tree: TASK (in-class) – Using the data below, complete the cladograms above and determine which is most parsimonious. species Loci 1 2 3 4 5 6 ancestor A G G T G A A (outgroup) A G G A G A B T G G T A A C T C G T C T D T C C T C A E T C C A C A Directions: - write the ancestor’s base sequence at the bottom of the cladogram (ancestral node) - write in the sequence for all species (A-E) at the top to check your base changes
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Unformatted text preview: - make a crossbar for every base-change event that occurs - label the cross bar with the locus # and the base change (1C =change to C at 1 st locus) - at each node write out the nucleotide sequence (AGGTGA =node for base ancestor) - if there is a change from the nodes sequence, there should be a crossbar...
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