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Take-home-instructions - I will be posting an answer key...

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191 Lecture 22 – TAKE-HOME ASSIGNMENT: Biogeochemical Cycles: (Chapter 59, pp. 1252-1261) In place of a lecture on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, you will be expected to complete the following material on your own and turn it in to your AI/UTI for grading no later than Tuesday November 30 th . This assignment is worth 20pts – will count as one of your ‘quizzes’. BE SURE THAT ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS ARE IN YOUR OWN WORDS – not overlapping with the text, the web, your friends or any other sources!
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Unformatted text preview: I will be posting an answer key for this assignment to the web after the exam on 12/2 – this material will be on the final exam, not exam 3. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED!! You must turn it in on time! IF you are happy with your quiz scores, since you drop the lowest one, you do not have to turn this in for a grade. However, you will be expected to know the material, so completing it on your own and not just copying the answer key is a good idea....
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