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Unformatted text preview: Aug. 23, 2011 Chem 108 - Day 1 Questionnaire Due: Aug. 30, 2011 Chem 108 Section: ________ Name: ____________________________ Which section of Chem 110 are you registered for? ___________ What is the name of your Chem 110 instructor? _______________________________ What is the name of the T.A. for your Chem 110 recitation? ______________________ Why are you taking Chem 108? (Please check all that apply.) _____ It was recommended by my advisor based on the results of my entrance (FTCAP) exams. _____ It was recommended by my advisor for other reasons. (Please specify.) _____ Someone else recommended that I take it (Who? ___________________________ ) _____ It was a personal decision I made because I thought it would help me in Chem 110. (How did you know about Chem 108?) _____ I am not sure I have a strong enough math background. _____ I am not sure I have a strong enough chemistry background. (I took high school chemistry _____ years ago.) _____ I have a good enough math and chemistry background but I want to do all I can to get a better grade in Chem 110. _____ Other ** (Please specify.) ** The credit for Chem 108 CANNOT be counted toward general education credits, nor does it count toward the credits needed to graduate in your major. PLEASE TURN THE PAGE OVER AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ON THE BACK. Below are some reasons why students have difficulty in Chem 110. Check all of the reasons that you think may apply to you. Please circle the one that you think will give you the most trouble. Skills _____ Weak study skills _____ Weak Math skills Attitude _____ I'm no good at math. (I'm afraid I can't do it well.) _____ I'm no good at chemistry. (I'm afraid I can't do it well.) _____ I'm no good at science. Motivation _____ I don't like math (or algebra). _____ I don't like chemistry. (I don't want to take chemistry.) _____ Chemistry is a waste of time (not relevant). _____ Weak Chemistry skills Other: What motives do you have for getting a C or better in Chem 110? (Check ALL that apply.) _____ I don't want to ruin my G.P.A. _____ I will lose a scholarship if I don't get a C or better. _____ I need a C or better to get accepted into my major. _____ I need at least a C to get credit for Chem 110 in my major. _____ I can't drop the course and maintain full time status. _____ I have no strong motive: I am not sure of my plans and it was recommended that I take chemistry. _____ other (Please specify.) What are the consequences of failing or dropping Chem 110 and Chem 108? (Are these consequences severe enough that you will be motivated to do well in Chem 110?) ...
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