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After Exam I Questionnaire Name_____________________ Chem 108 Section_________ Sept. 20, 2011 Due: Sept 27, 2011 1. Analyze your readiness for this exam: How much time do you estimate you have spent on Chem 110 so far? Do you think this was enough time and was it spread out wisely? Was the time spent effectively? Were you achieving understanding of the concepts or were you simply memorizing particular problems and then not able to apply concepts to similar problems on the exam? Did you use the resource room, the instructor, SI sessions, or other students for help? How helpful were the ones you used? 2a. Did you get a copy of your exam 1 score report? (This will be e-mailed to you a few days after the exam.) Use this report to double check your grade and to determine which problems you got wrong. Attach a copy of this score report to this questionnaire. 2b. Go over your Chem 110 exam and redo all the questions you got wrong. Attach them to this sheet. For each question, make note of
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Unformatted text preview: why you got that question wrong. From this, analyze what prevented you from achieving a higher exam grade. Consider the following as well as any others you feel are appropriate to your situation: Didn’t understand the question. (Didn’t know what was being asked.) Inadequate background knowledge of basic chemistry Inadequate math skills Misinterpretation of questions on exam Careless errors Poor mental condition due to stress Didn’t emphasize the material in my studying Note: If you do not find your weak points now, you may make similar mistakes on the next exams. 3. After you have finished part 2, add a short summary stating what action you can take that might help you to avoid these problems in the future? What do you plan to do differently for the next Chem 110 exam in order to do better? Your answer should be concrete and specific. For example, "I will study more" is not specific enough; where, when, and how you will study is specific....
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