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C HEM 110 S TUDENT G RADE R ECORD Keep track of your grades as they accumulate this semester. After Mid-Term Examinations 2 and 3, information will be posted on the course website to estimate your course grade. There is a grade worksheet on the inside back cover of this Student Packet of Materials. Note: Totals given by ANGEL are NOT reliable. Please keep track of your scores and totals independently using the table below. Check with your Teaching Assistant if you are not sure how to get total scores for any grade category. H OMEWORK AND Q UIZ S CORES Your Name Chem 110 Section WEEK HOME WORK (ALEKS) QUIZ RECITATION QUERIES Chem 110 lecture time and location SCORE × 0.10 100% = 10 POINTS 5 points per recitation
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Unformatted text preview: Chem 110 Instructors Name 1 PREP ASSIGNMENT NO QUIZ NO RQ Instructors e-mail address 2 1 Q1 TA Name 3 2 Q2 TA e-mail 4 3 Q3 Recitation Room 5 4 Q4 Recitation Time 6 5 Q5 TA Office Hours: 7 6 Q6 8 7 Q7 9 8 Q8 MID-TERM EXAMINATION SCORES 10 9 Q9 Score Mid-Term Exam 1 (0-100%) 11 10 Q10 Score Mid-Term Exam 2 (0-100%) 12 11 Q11 Score Mid-Term Exam 3 (0-100%) 13 12 Q12 Score Final Examination (0-100%) 14 13 Q13 15 14 Q14 SUM MAX 125 100 50 Maximum Homework = 125 points, Maximum Quiz score = 100. Maximum RQ = 50. Any points over the maximum will not be counted. If you do not attend recitation you will get a zero for your recitation queries and there will be no make-up opportunities!...
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