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1 GENERAL INFORMATION FALL 2011 Chemistry 110 is the first in a two-course sequence in general chemistry. Chemistry impacts every area in our lives: from how our bodies work, to the environment, to new materials, to how we live and work. Our goals for this course are for you to recognize that what happens at the molecular level profoundly affects our macroscopic world, and how fun chemistry is. By the end of CHEM 110, you will understand conceptually (1) how atoms combine to form molecules; (2) how molecules interact and react with each; and (3) how the molecular-level structure affects the macroscopic properties. Throughout the semester, you will learn problem-solving skills by applying simple mathematical equations and through interpretation of graphs of these physical phenomena. Approach: The goal in CHEM 110 is to conceptually understand how the structure and energy of atoms and molecules at the nanoscale affect the properties we can observe in the macroscopic world. We will progress from an understanding of atoms to how atoms combine to form molecules. We will then discuss how these molecules interact with each other, which ultimately leads us to chemical reactions between them. Throughout the semester, we will emphasize the relationship between energy and atomic and molecular structure. Prerequisites: We assume that you have some chemistry and algebra background (including logarithms). Please follow the Profile of Academic Abilities Chemistry and Math placement recommendations. Before the beginning of the course you will take an on-line assessment in ALEKS to make sure that you have a chance to review the required materials. We will also use the initial assessment in ALEKS to help you enroll in the appropriate chemistry course. We want all students to succeed in chemistry, and that means starting with proper placement and review. Please see your instructor as soon as possible, if you have any questions or concerns about your preparation for CHEM 110. Textbooks and other materials: 1. Required textbook: T. L. Brown, H. E. LeMay, B. E. Bursten, and C. J. Murphy, Chemistry, The Central Science , 11th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2009 2. Required student packet: Chemistry 110 Student Packet. This packet contains the complete syllabus, course policies, and supplemental homework problems. 3. Required calculator: A suitable scientific calculator (one that handles numbers in scientific notation and provides log/antilog functions); calculators with text-storage capabilities (such as the TI-83 used in Math 140) or communication capabilities (such as cell-phone calculators, or BlackBerries) are not permitted on exams. 4. Optional study guides: J. Hill Student's Guide and R. Wilson Solutions to Black Exercises are available in the bookstores, if you wish to use them. They are strongly recommended for students who have difficulties with solving the assigned problems.
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Gen-info-Fall-2011 - GENERAL INFORMATION FALL 2011...

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