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13_Learning Objectives

13_Learning Objectives - Be able to write the net ionic...

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Chem 110 Recitation 13 [Type text] 1 Recitation 13 Learning Objectives Reaction types and balancing o Be able to predict products and balance reactions for common reaction types: combustion involves oxygen + a fuel, products are CO 2 , H 2 O, N 2 etc. decomposition has a single reactant with 2 or more products combination involves 2 or more reactants resulting in a single product. Single displacement reactions involve oxidation & reduction (What is oxidation? What is reduction?) Double displacement involves two reactants where cations are exchanged to form the products o Net ionic equations Be able to write the balance molecular equation for a displacement reaction and identify the driving force. Be able to write the ionic equation associated with a double displacement reaction. Be able to identify spectator ions in a reaction.
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to write the net ionic equation for double displacement and single displacement reactions. o Stoichiometry Be able to used balanced reactions and appropriate mole ratios to solve problems in chemistry Be able to use experimental information about solutions (M and V) or gases (P, V, T) to stoichiometry solve problems. Know what is meant by the equivalence point in a titration. Given a description of a titration, be able to determine quantities such as the initial concentration of a reactant or the volume of reagent needed to reach equivalence. o Limiting reagents Be able to determine the limiting reagent in a problem. Be able to determine the quantity of product produced using the limiting reagent. Be able to determine the amount of reagent that does not react....
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