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BA515-1 - The Information Age We Live Abstract When we say...

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The Information Age We Live Abstract When we say that we live in the information age, we mean that we live in a time when information is very important and easy to get. In this paper we will cover how the development of computers, and the internet, shaped our society in a way that now we are more dependable on this technology to accomplish many things in our lives and all this come with a risk that is
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exposing millions of persons to criminals that like to use our own information to their benefit. Is too easy now days to access any type of information that is ridiculous. In order to prevent, all this crimes we have to protect ourselves. Also we will cover what is the impact of the information age is having in the way we do things today. On how this new technologies reshape our society. I hope that with this research help to increase your understanding of our information age This new information age is characterize by the transfer freely, and have instant access and knowledge of information than in other periods of been difficult or may be impossible to obtain. With the development of computers and the internet and the rapid integration of this to the society has allow a boom in global communication and networking. Before we continue and before I forgot let me define what is Information Technology, our text define it as any computer based tool that people use to work with information and support the information and information-processing needs of an organization. From a single person to large cities, and all source of business, everybody got affected by this new age in technology. Back in the day computers where still on diapers and the internet was still a dream the flow of information was still very slow and less efficient that we have today. To contact a person a person the only way we had was a letter that might take weeks to arrive or maybe a phone call.
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