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Intro recitation - Welcome to Chem 110 Fall 2010...

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1 Welcome to Chem 110 Fall 2010 Introductory Information Your Name TA Name Chem 110 Section TA e-mail Chem 110 lecture time and location 108 Forum TA Office Hours: Chem 110 Instructors Name Recitation Room Instructor’s e-mail address Recitation Time For recitations bring Text, Chem 110 Student packet, calculator, pens/pencils, extra paper or notebook Recitation worksheet found on Course Web page (2 pages, print in duplex if possible.) Quizzes will be done on Angel. The Quiz will be available only on Thursday of each week Deadline for all quizzes = midnight (11:55pm) on the due date. No extensions, make-ups etc. for quizzes or homework for any reason. Grading: 40 out of 200 course points (20% of your grade) is determined by on-line quizzes (15 points), recitation quizzes (10 points) and your work in ALEKS (15 points). The rest of your grade will be determined from the midterm exams and the final as outlined in the course information pages. ALEKS is a powerful artificial intelligence based teaching tool that we will be using this semester to help you learn chemistry. There are 14 objectives in ALEKS, each worth 10 points toward your homework score. Your homework score for each objective will be equal to the % in the ALEKS gradebook after the due date for the objective divided by 10.
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Intro recitation - Welcome to Chem 110 Fall 2010...

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