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CHEM 110 1 Recitation 14 Recitation 14 Learning Objectives Thermochemistry Internal energy and the First Law Know the difference between kinetic and potential energy. Be able to give examples of the different kinds of energy. Know units of energy and order of magnitude of different kinds of energies (photon energy, etc.) Know how chemical energy is stored ion molecules. Know what is meant by electronic energy (energy of electrons and energy associated with electron transitions) What is the First Law of Thermodynamics? What is meant by the system? The surroundings? What is internal energy? What is heat and work? ( Δ E = q + w) What does the “sign” of energy mean? + means energy (= q + w) into the system (endothermic = q into system) means energy (= q + w) out of the system (exothermic = q out of the system) What is a State function? Be able to give some examples? Why is it useful to know that these are state functions? Enthalpy and heats of reactions
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